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Did you know? Trucks and Apparatus.

Did you know, the Fire department was founded in 1879 it was comprised of one Stall building with a cart and horses and was called Hose Company 1. In 1926 the firefighters purchased a 1926 Chevy Fire Truck. It was the first motorized fire truck in Evart. The truck is still in the possession of the fire fighters to this day.

Today, the fire department has a total of 9 pieces of equipment. 2 Engines (2005), 1 Pumper / Tanker (1986), 1 - 109’ Tower (1998) 2 - Brush trucks (2005 and 2015) 1 - Utility Vehicle (2020) and 1 Air Trailer (2010) and 1 - 18’ Boat (2019).

Each piece of equipment has it specialty.

Engines 6 and 7, both purchased in 2005, carry 1000 gallons of water and have a 1250 gal per min pump on them. Each truck has basic firefighting equipment like axes, ladders and hose. Engine 6 carries our vehicle extrication equipment to respond to motor vehicle accidents. Both trucks have on board foam capabilities as well.

Engine 6 is licensed by the State of Michigan as a Medical First Response vehicle and carries medical supplies and equipment.

Engine 8 - purchased in 1986, is considered a pumper/tanker as it carries 2500 gallons of water with a 1250 gal per min pump. This truck is utilized for mutual aid responses with our mutual aid partners. It carries 6 air packs and spare tanks, it also holds a portable water tank so that trucks can dump their water in the tank and then get more water to bring to the scene.

Truck 5, is the newest to our fleet of equipment. It is a 1998 109' Tower truck. It has a pump on board that is 1750 Gal Per min and has a water tank of 500 gallons of water, with a onboard foam unit and generator. With the down town area, large industrial complexes we have and the middle school this is one unit that will allow for protection of buildings and potentially saving lives. This truck can carry 5 personnel to the scene.

Brush 1 and Brush 2, 2005 and 2015, are utilized for mainly brush and grass fires. They also respond to auto accidents and search and rescue operations as they are maneuverable and are 4 wheel drive. Each carry 300 gallons of water and have basic grass fire equipment. Brush 2 carries medical equipment and is licensed by the State of Michigan as a Medical First Response Vehicle.

Our Air Trailer was made possible by a Donation by Mosaic Potash in 2010. This unit carries 8 Compressed bottles of Air for refilling our Air-pack bottles. This has been used numerous times not only by our department but other departments in the area. This also is set up for a incident command post as well.

in 2019 Boat 1 become part of our department. Due to increased water rescues and water related emergencies the department looked for ways to fund a boat. Michigan Potash stepped up and donated the funding to purchase a boat and Motor. Since placed in service in May 2019, it has responded to 5 water emergencies. To add to our water emergency training and equipment we have received as of July 2020, 3 grants. One from Firehouse Subs for Just over $20,000 for Equipment, TC Energy for $8800 for Equipment and Training and OCCF for $10,000 in Equipment and Training. Funding of our water rescue operations and training has been no cost to the tax payers, all funds received have been grants submitted by the department

Training on Big Lake 2019

Lastly, our support vehicle. This vehicle replaced a 2008 GMC Yukon that is used for support services to the department. This 2020 Tahoe is equipped with a Onboard computer, internet with WiFi and ability to transport 5 personnel to scenes with equipment. Also onboard is a Thermal Imaging camera for use at scenes and search and rescue operations. This vehicle is used for traveling to classes and administrative functions.

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